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African soldiers in World War 1

Yewande Okuleye, who is part of OBV's current Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme, writes about the contribution of African soldiers in WW1. She is the curator of an exhibition, ending on 8th January.

Did you know the first shot of WW1 was fired by the British, in West Africa? Well, I must share a secret with you. I did not know this fact also.

My role as curator for the exhibition – Back from the Western Front: African Soldiers of the Great War in Britain - required it was imperative to become somewhat of an expert, on all matters concerning African soldiers in WW1.

The first thing I learned was Regiment Sergeant – Major Grunshi, who served with the Gold Coast Regiment (former British colony and modern-day Ghana), fired the first shot when the British attacked the German colony of Togoland in 1914.

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