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Fundraising to refurbish the Taita Exhibit

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Would there have been a First World War East African Campaign without the incredible contribution of 25% of then African population of British East Africa (now Kenya)?


Before the military railway was started from Voi (Half way between Mombasa and Nairobi) to Taveta (on the Kenya, Tanzania boarder) in early 1915 & the introduction of mechanised transport, everything needed in camp & on the battlefields; from toilet paper to drinking water; bullets to bandages; were carried on the heads of the Carrier Corps.


Situated in the centre of what was then 'The Southern Command' of 1914-1915, the Sarova Taita Hills Lodge is perfectly situated for tours of the First World War Battlefields and Forts of the East African Campaign. As a result, in 2014 Sarova Hotels with Guerillas of Tsavo launched a temporary Exhibit in the foyer of the hotel to explain what happend 100 years ago in Taita Taveta County and some of the background to this little known campaign.


Four years later our temporary exhibit is still up and studied by hundreds of people every year.


In April 2018, while in Taita to discuss holding a Commemoration to mark 100 years since the end of the East African Campaign in memory of the 1000s of unknown African soldiers and porters who have no known grave, we decided that the Exhibit needed a refurbish as it needs to encourage protection for the important WW1 heritage sites.


So we are asking for your help to raise money to update & modernise the WW1 exhibit, bringing the East African Campaign to life, in a captivating way that will appeal to the multinational audience all before the Commemoration to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War in November.

Instead of being text heavy, the Campaign will be told through a series of icons, graphics and images with short, sharp accompanying commentary.


Split in to easily digestible areas that tackle one topic at a time, it will be easy for visitors spending just a few minutes at the exhibit to come away inspired, engaged and eager to learn more while ’remembering the forgotten’.


August 2018 Update:

The first Panel is up:

Guerrillas of Tsavo Exhibit 009 Before.j
Guerrillas of Tsavo Exhibit 009

A huge Thank You to:


Corporate Donors:

Sarova Hotels and Games Lodges

Friends of Fort Jesus

Tropical Ice Walking Safaris

Pollman's Tours & Safaris

Seaforth Shipping

Branding Concepts

Old Africa Magazine



Kesom International

and all our private donors

The model of Mashoti Fort is waiting for a paint job:

September 2018 Update:

Three new display boxes have been installed and are full of interesting artifacts from the East African Campaign.

Three manikins representing a German Officer, an Indian soldier, and a British Officer have been created and placed with a donation of a military saddle and the frame of a bed reputed to have been salvaged from the SMS Konigsberg! 

Joan Willson Taita Exhibit003 small.jpg
Joan Willson Exhibit3 small.jpg
October 2018 Update:

The model is on the way from the UK thanks to Kesom Freight.

The Main panels are being installed and a table strong enough to hold the Model and protective glass is being crafted.

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